Travelling is fun, but planning sucks. Wonder is a mobile app concept that automates mobile trip planning.

When organizing trip, one needs to consider several factors such as transportation, accommodation, where to visit, when to visit, and how much time to allocate for each attraction. The user would need to manually organize the data into a travel plan while considering multiple factors.

How may we make the trip planning process easier?

57% of U.S. travellers feel that brands should tailor their information based on personal preferences or past behaviours.

Research shows that there is a growing demand for personalization. Users want a more customized, meaningful experience tailored to them. In addition, they are also more comfortable researching & planning their trip using only a mobile device. In technology, machine learning unlocks new insights to deliver more useful experiences for users.

With these points in mind, I decided to create a mobile app that automatically populates travel itineraries based on the user’s interests. The goal is to encourage more frequent travels as the task of trip planning becomes less daunting. Ultimately, it will encourage inmainiduals to explore the world and fall in love with traveling!


My primary target audience will be anyone that want to plan and take control of their travel plans. My secondary target audience would be inmainiduals that wants to digitally “explore” an area first, see what is available, and plan a hypothetical trip that can be easily actualized in the future. Below are some personas to better identify the users for this product.

Chris | 23 | Recent Graduate

Chris is going to Japan with three of his best friends. They all have similar interests, and Chris was put onto trip planning duty. He is looking for unique places to visit and needs help to coordinate all the information he gathered in a cohesive trip.

Annie | 29 | Financial Advisor

Annie’s wants to travel somewhere for her birthday, but she doesn’t know where to go and too busy to do travel research. Annie is looking for personalized travel recommendations and a way to plan her trip efficiently.

Product Demonstration

1. Prompted to answer questions

As a new user, the app wants to learn about them first before creating a personalized itinerary.

2. Adaptive Questions System

Depending on how the user answers, it will affect the next question. The app tries to maine deeper into the user’s habits. Everyone is unique!

3. Trip Setup

The user can set up their trip in 5 steps: Destination > Date > Budget > Accommodation > Interests

The map visualizes the route.

Users can customize their trip by adding, deleting and rearranging items.