Fête Chinoise

Duration: Mar – Aug 2018


Fête Chinoise is a platform created to empower individuals and deepen the connection between their identity and culture. Through a curated lens and critical thinking, Fête Chinoise present meaningful stories, artful experiences, and inspiring products. In 2018, I was part of the design team in the production of their 4th annual magazine.


Since several designers were on this project, we made sure we followed a consistent grid and typographic styles. In addition to editorial design, I also had the opportunity to research and create some of the content for the magazine.

With the theme of language and legacy in mind, our art director presented us a challenge to create a series of art sculptures using words and paper. During the process of my research, I was fascinated by the meanings behind a Chinese name. Unlike names in English, it is very rare to have a Chinese name repeat. Each character in a Chinese name carries different meanings, and I thought it would be interesting to visualize what each letter means in paper form.


After researching each of the letters, combined with paper sculpture methods, I put my ideas to test with physical prototypes to ensure each paper sculpture was makeable.

Each letter’s design was finalized after a series of experimentation and iteration. I passed over my files and instructions to our production team for them to create a good copy with their craftsmanship. The final photoshoots turned out amazing!

Physical Magazine

The Fête Chinoise magazine was a wonderful opportunity for me to see first-hand on what goes into a publication beyond design. It has been a tremendous learning experience.